Marine Construction Services

Marine Construction Services


AWI offers a complete marine construction solution from underwater inspections and survey, mooring structures, dredging, rehabilitation, underwater construction, industrial docks and barge terminals and scour and erosion remediation.


Our team of marine professionals are trained and hold certifications and qualifications to design, construct and maintain marine infrastructure facilities including experienced, certified commercial divers with the knowledge to perform a thorough underwater inspections.


Suited large fleet of marine equipment is readily available for all types of marine construction projects. From trailer suction hopper dredger and water injection dredger to our fleet of high-quality portable barges, amphibious dump trucks, and portable tow boats, we are equipped to address all of your marine support needs.


Through our longstanding presence in the construction market, we have developed strategic partnerships and international affiliations that enable us to deliver results and the best value for our clients. In all our projects, we ensure that we meet government and stringent international requirements on safety and quality of work.


We understand the need to develop maritime infrastructure to facilitate trade and development. With growing maritime trade both in terms of volume and value, there is an increasing pressure to provide more efficient and innovative maritime infrastructure either through the creation of brand-new facilities or upgrading existing ones. Our team has the technical expertise and experience to find the right solution befitting client and end-user requirements.


We work with future generation in mind. Our sustainability agenda goes beyond meeting client and legislative requirements. While we consider them as important, our goal is to ensure a bright future for the communities where we work and the world where we all live in. Our company puts environmental sustainability at the forefront of our design and construction of maritime infrastructure.

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