Company Overview

Company Overview



AWI is a company that identifies and creates opportunities. We perform analysis, due diligence, invest money and apply our talent to vetting opportunities and bringing them into reality. We think big and manage the details to mitigate the risks and maximize the opportunities and returns. We have policies and processes in accordance with international standards and best practices, however they do not define us. We define and tailor them to support the efficient and effective delivery of the service. The “AWI Way” is “Our Way” of delivering for our customers. We put our customers first and in doing so we create our reputation of reliability and performance. What follows is customer loyalty and repeat business.


We have a great Team that has been together for many years. We are always adding to this team by carefully selecting and developing talent.


Opportunities come to us because we have a proven track record of delivering results… and we are willing to take calculated risks.


Our capabilities include:


  • O&G Construction
  • Fire Truck leasing, maintenance and logistics
  • Contracting – Other – On an opportunistic basis
  • Power Generation
  • Housing Development
  • Commercial Development


AWI is deeply intentional about how and why we do things. We are guided by our values and customer’s needs when setting priorities, making decisions and navigating the market.

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