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AWI specializes in workforce solutions, 
equipment rental and maintenance,
procurement and logistics,
and constructive services.

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Company Overview

AWI is an Iraqi owned construction and contracting company. AWI serves the energy and government markets with a focus in Iraq, UAE, other areas of the Middle East, Asia and the US. We provide integrated Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC), perform stand-alone construction and related works, equipment rental and maintenance with or without operator, workforce solutions, procurement, logistics, IT and Security services, to a diverse range of customers.

AWI offers expertly planned and executed services to meet the unique demands in the Iraqi oil & gas and government markets. AWI employs a diverse and experienced leadership team, a deep pool of Iraqi talent, a well-known and well-developed supply chain, and a thorough understanding of local market dynamics and complexities to provide responsive solutions and products.

AWI is committed to its motto, “Rebuilding Iraq One Project at a Time - with Iraqis.” Our approach is to focus on using Iraqi labor and management and to continuously grow and develop an experienced and diversified management team that includes top talent internationally and in Iraq . We are very proud of our team and are confident that there is no team like ours in Iraq.

To contribute to the success of local businesses, we encourage local companies to be part of our supply chain and we work hard to help them develop their capabilities. Our company promotes socioeconomic development through institutionalized programs on local hiring and capability building as well as procurement. We leave a positive impact on society by ensuring that our operations adhere to strictest international environmental and safety standards, as well being responsive to local sensitivities.

AWI’s underlying commitment to excellence drives us to continually innovate. We put conscious effort into continuously improving our capacities, technology, and equipment, to increase our productivity, and to extend the range and quality of our services. We want to epitomize a modern Iraqi company–globally competitive, committed to excellence, and social responsibility.

Completing projects with superior results and promoting inclusive development in Iraq have been our standard level of performance throughout our five decades in business.