China Petroleum Engineering & Construction Corporation (CPECC) awards the Zubair Mishrif DGS Expansion Civil Works Project to AWI

Zubair Oil Field, Iraq - January 01, 2023


The project involves performing civil works for the construction of oil treatment, oil storage and export facilities and firefighting areas under the Zubair Mishrif DGS Expansion project.


The tasks to be undertaken by AWI include supplying concrete, back filling, grading, dike wall construction, foundation works (equipment, electrical, instrument, shelter etc.), concrete pit, road works and paving, earthworks, in-situ concrete, grouting, plate load test, and cathodic protection, among others.


Having most of its major oil and gas projects in West Qurna 1, AWI considers the award as an opportunity to play a role in the redevelopment of the Zubair oil field. The win demonstrates the evolving capabilities of AWI to meet the needs of major oil and gas companies operating anywhere in Iraq.


The Zubair Mishrif DGS Expansion Civil Works Project will be executed over the course of two years from 2023 to 2024.

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