CPECC contracted West Qurna 1 Major Tie-Ins DS8 Option 8B Installation Works to AWI

Basra, Iraq - January 31, 2022


The China Petroleum Engineering & Construction Corporation (CPECC) contracted the Option 8B installation works component of the Major Tie-Ins Degassing Station 8 (MTI-DS8) project to AWI. The MTI-DS8 connects new/ongoing major projects in DS8 (i.e., Produced Water, Industrial Water, and Initial Oil Train projects) with the existing facilities in the station.


AWI will perform various disciplines such as structural steel, mechanical equipment, piping, electrical and instrumentation.


Option 8B for DS8 is the addition of a Flare Knock-Out (KO) Vessel and installation of Flare Stack Package in the flare system of the DS8. The scope of WORK includes:


  • Installation of the new Flare KO Drum and associated pumps to transfer the retained liquids to second stage separators in Trains A, B and C via a condensate collection Header.
  • Connecting all four (4) existing Flare/Vent Headers to the new Flare KO Vessel and routing the gas from Flare KO Vessel to the existing Flare Stacks.
  • Installation of the Flare Stack including the auxiliary equipment e.g., pilots, pilot gas skid, ignition system etc.


In addition to AWI’s civil works under the same project, contracting installation works to AWI for this important project demonstrates CPECC’s trust on the quality of AWI’s work as well as on the company’s ability to complete complex projects on schedule.


Started in January 2022, the project is expected to be completed by November 2022.

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