Modular Oil Treating & Desalting Train 2 (MOTD2) Project Awarded to AWI

Basra, Iraq - February 23, 2022


ExxonMobil Iraq Ltd. (EMIL) commissioned BL Energy and AWI’s “One Team Approach” for the engineering, procurement, and construction up to commissioning support of MOTD 2 at Degassing Station 6 (DS6), West Qurna 1, Basra, Iraq.


An additional oil processing train, MOTD 2 is intended to support the expansion of crude oil production capacity in DS6. The facility will help reduce desalting and water handling oil production constraints and add a reliable long-term separation capacity for expected production growth in WQ1.


Specifically, the components of the project include the construction of the following:


  • New Greenfield 50 kbd (minimum Dry Oil out) oil train
  • New independent flare system for pressure relief and disposal of excess produced gas from the separators
  • Connections and interconnecting flowlines for Full Well Stream (FWS), crude export tanks, effluent water, produced associated gas, wash water, etc. to the existing DS6 facility, as required.
  • Site preparation and civil works at Greenfield and Brownfield locations



Having tendered the project together, the work was delineated between BL Energy and AWI, with the latter being responsible for all in-country construction work that will be performed by 90% local nationals from the adjacent communities of WQ1. AWI’s participation in this important project reflects the company’s growing track-record of delivering critical infrastructure projects safely, on time and to international quality standards. Once again, partnering with BL Energy to perform the MOTD2 project proves AWI’s unique ability and experience of bringing internationally recognized and specialized firms in Iraq. Our approach is to work together as a team, bringing together our skills, experience, and local expertise with our teaming partner’s specialize capabilities to perform and execute projects.


The MOTD 2 project commences in the first quarter of 2022 and is expected to complete in 18 months.

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