Scaffolding and the Importance of Mobilization

Iraq - October 18, 2015


MobilizationAWI is the biggest scaffolding contractor in Iraq working with a variety of companies in the Middle East, mainly in the oil and gas industry. Part of the company’s success has been the ability to quickly mobilize, then demobilize scaffolding projects to enable follow-on operations to start quickly. This is especially common when refinery operations need to be stopped for maintenance operations to be completed.


Generally, most people think that the scaffolding process is basically erection and stripping. Because that’s the process that they can actually see, however, it is much more than that. A lot of work is performed before all that action takes place, during a process called mobilization.


This process is the part that takes the most time because it involves all the planning and the preparation of the material and manpower in order for the project to flow smoothly and according to the plan once it begins. With a weak mobilization, the entire project is going to suffer; hence the need to invest some time and skills during such a crucial phase.


AWI’s skilled Project Managers will work around the clock, carefully planning and measuring the structure in detail to ensure that the correct amount of scaffolding is delivered to site for a fast erection. They will also conduct a detailed location and site analysis to understand the best way to get the equipment to the site and effectively store and move materials when they arrive.


From oil plants to other construction facilities AWI’s professionals are more than ready to offer their certified services.


One of AWI's specialization skills is logistics. Especially in Iraq's harsh environment; a specialization in such a unique environment – which can present multiple topographical and human challenges – is always a plus. Here is one of the most common problems AWI will be prepared for: If the current route isn't planned carefully, delays can easily stop progress onsite as essential equipment isn't in place yet. Such delays can cost power plants, oil plant and other facilities millions of dollars.


In addition to an inventory of 2,000MT of scaffolding equipment, AWI will hire from local sources if required. Having an extensive supply chain network in place is essential to add extra flexibility to the ongoing projects and in order to get quality components quickly. Being a group with connections with local suppliers it won’t be difficult for AWI to have premium access to quality materials within a tight deadline.


All the employers are trained and certified professionals. Mobilization is also part of their training, this way it is granted that all the projects will flow smoothly, problems are minimized and the results are reached – or even exceeded as it happened in different occasions.


AWI is a group known for its excellence: possessing a proven track of successful projects, certified professionals and quality equipment, they are ready to tackle any construction project and keep a leading position in the industry for years to come.

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