AWI Group Scaffolding and Certification-Safety Comes First

Iraq - October 19, 2015


The construction industry has been growing in demand over the years, especially in Iraq. AWI is an important construction and services group with more than 45 years of experience in this sector, providing skilled and professional construction services.


Over the years, the group has been successfully achieving important milestones as part of its expansion plan; one of those milestones was becoming the largest scaffolding contractor in Iraq. With such a huge amount of responsibility at hand, when it comes to helping Iraq grow in infrastructures, the company needs to strive for the utmost safety, since a simple mistake can lead to dangerous consequences.


An integral part of the construction process is the scaffolding element as well as ensuring that all contracts are executed with safety as the main priority. AWI strives to provide:


  • Safety and reliability of all the scaffolding process. That way avoiding potential risks and assuring that all the work is performed in the best conditions with the utmost quality.
  • AWI makes sure that all scaffolders possess a certification and match local standards. Further increasing the level of professionalism, expertise and quality.
  • Effective employee certification ensures that work is executed reliably, efficiently and safely to provide satisfaction to all its contractors.
  • Certifications are regulated, and a well-known training group executes all training, that impartially assesses and certifies the quality of AWI’s personnel and work.
  • There are weekly inspections to assure all the safety of the scaffolding process, recognise unsafe conditions, and perform a risk assessment.
  • The certifications last up to two years for first-time applicants and three years in the case of a certification renewal. That way, AWI is sure that all their employees and service remains up to date.


All the collaborators working on AWI’s projects are trained and certified by specialist training group TUV SUD Middle East, who is an accredited and reputed certification agency in UAE.


The company’s mission is to provide the candidates with the skill and knowledge to perform erection and dismantling of basic scaffolds. Originally, TÜV SÜD Group (with their headquarters in Germany) established TÜV SÜD MIDDLE EAST LLC, in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi that later decided to expand its presence and occupy strategic positions, including in Iraq.


TÜV SÜD is one of the well-known Middle Eastern providers when it comes to third-party inspections and certification in the construction industry. Always striving to be impartial and audit, train and certify in a neutral and professional way.


AWI relies on the certification of this entity to assure that scaffolding is performed to the best standards, and there are no risks to safety. That is what the company puts in the first place, having all these different means to assure it.


Those are the values that allowed the group to expand and become such a reference in the industry with high-profile contractors. AWI will keep providing top services in Iraq, helping it grow, now and for years to come.

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