Certified Scaffolding with Safety, Speed and Affordability-Exxon Mobil`s Case Proves It

Iraq - October 19, 2015


Scaffolding is of vital importance in the construction industry, but it also comes with its dangers. As a result, it is important to select the right company to complete the work safely. AWI provides certified scaffolding services with safety, speed and affordability, combining decades of experience and constant improvement. AWI, as the largest scaffolding contractor in Iraq, was selected by Exxon Mobil to solve a problem that could cost millions if done incorrectly. In the end it resulted in saving millions of dollars.


AWI Group

AWI is a reputed construction group with more than four decades of experience in the industry, known for providing safety, effectiveness and affordability in their Scaffolding solutions. AWI relies on the service of certified employees, trained and evaluated by independent institutions.


Exxon Mobil

Exxon Mobil is a multi-billion dollar oil and gas industry company. Naturally, it possesses a strong presence in the Middle East, including Iraq; as a result they needed to choose the contractor with which they would collaborate for a maintenance project in the West Qurna Phase 1 Oil Field.


The Problem Exxon Mobil Faced:

Exxon Mobil’s West Qurna 1 field located in Basra Iraq needed to undergo a repair to rhe DS8 Train A-3rd Stage Separator which required part of the plant to be shut down. That closure would result in millions of dollars of lost production that would multiply the longer it remained closed. The top priority was to perform the repair as safely and quickly as possible. Exxon Mobil had to find a scaffolding provider that would be capable of mitigating losses by cutting down on the time that the unit remained on closure. AWI was the solution. AWI provided all labor Mobilization and Demobilization, supervision, tools, equipment, and consumable materials for the composite repair of the DS8 Train Stage Separator as required by ExxonMobil.  AWI rendered all services that cover complete repair in line with IISO/TS 24817, while also supplying certified scaffolding crews and certified scaffolding materials to ensure easy access, as part of the series of refurbishment and construction projects to improve the infrastructure of the West Qurna Phase I Oil Field.AWI provided all inspection and testing equipment to verify the quality of the installed repair and submitted an inspection and testing plan subject to the company’s approval.


AWI’s Procedure and Success AWI managed to complete the job in as little as 10% of the estimated time, saving various millions of dollars as a result. The certified scaffold erection happened within just a few hours due to AWI's diligent planning and preparation: to minimize downtime AWI had to have all manpower and the necessary materials ready ahead of time.   Putting into practice tremendous organizational skills, the group managed to complete the process as fast as possible to minimize the 3rd stage separator downtime. Very few companies can manage projects on this scale due to the great amount of resources required both in terms of manpower and equipment – issues that AWI are ready to handle without incidents. To make sure the entire project was completed successfully, project planners worked around the clock to take care of all the important aspects from logistics to erection and stripping. AWI’s certified resources were essential to ensure safety while handling the scaffold process. Very few companies in Iraq can match AWI's sheer scope of resources to execute complex projects in a quick manner. AWI’s inventory of over 2,000MT of scaffolding material was essential to erect the scaffold from stock components without losing an extra minute. Having privileged relationships with component suppliers, AWI could find quality components as fast as required. The scaffolding project was successfully completed according to Exxon Mobil's strict safety policies including all pre 3D scaffolding designs. The success of this project saved millions to Exxon Mobil, minimizing the production interruption in that refinery located in Iraq. This is an example of the many successes that have placed and shaped AWI Group as the top contractor in Iraq.

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