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AWI offers advanced long-lasting
surface protection and coating
technology at effectual prices.

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Surface technology

Surface Preparation

AWI has been decisive and implemental in the progress in this field and provide our customers with the most diverse surface solutions for a cost-efficient and long-lasting protection of their installations. To this end, we operate mobile blasting equipment as well as stationary blasting and coating halls at numerous locations.

Surface preparation include:

  • Exterior provision with the help of concentrated oxygen and machinery demolishing
  • Eradication, uncovering, alkaline purification, hand operated and mechanical procedures
  • Dry demolishing method using portable and anchored equipment supplies with the help of incorporating an eco-friendly recycle system
  • Unaired blast eradication
  • Saturated blasting as well as highly pressurized water penetration


  • Manual formation of such items as painting or rolling
  • Customary condensed air spraying
  • Low compression diffusion
  • Airless distribution spray
  • Electro-Static Spatter
  • Steam spraying
  • Alloy blasting
  • Dust covering
  • Flame proofed varnishing on steel (flame resistant 30 to 160 min)
  • Distinguished coatings help to exceed elevated mechanical force