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AWI is one of the most safety-focused contractors and suppliers of scaffolding services in Iraq. All of our scaffolding products and services are thoroughly quality checked and regularly inspected to ensure they are compliant with current legislation. Our access systems are approved for use at some of the most complex and sensitive locations in the world, from busy public spaces such as railway stations and airports to hazardous work sites such as petrochemical refineries and offshore oil rigs.

We currently have 1,836 Tons of scaffolding materials.


BS 1139: 1990 Specification for Metal Scaffolding

BS 2482: 1981 Specification for Timber Scaffold Boards

BS 2482: 2009 Specification for Timber Scaffold Boards

BS 5973: 1993 Code of Practice for access and working scaffolds and special scaffold structures in steel

BS 5974:1990 Code of practice for temporarily installed suspend scaffolds and access equipment

BS EN 12811- 1: 2003 Temporary works equipment Scaffolds. Performance requirements and general design

BS EN 39: 2001 Loose steel tubes for tube and couplers. Technical delivery conditions

NASC SG4: 05 Preventing Falls in Scaffolding and Falsework


Because we make a point of fully understanding your project requirements, you can bring us in at any point in the project. We will recommend a solution that allows you to complete your project on time and on budget.


Innovation is at the heart of our business which allows us to tailor our reliable and modern scaffold systems to your unique requirements and specifications.

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