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AWI is among the best providers of crane
equipment and trained operators in theĀ 
Iraq region helping companies meet their
construction schedules.

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Equipment rental and maintenance

AWI serves as a vital and trusted partner for customers in construction, industrial, oil & gas, governmental and manufacturing businesses across Iraq. With over 200 kinds of equipment in ready stock and affiliations with leading manufacturers, our turn-around time for mission critical equipment is less than 48 hours. From sourcing and delivery to certified technicians, for maintenance and safety checks to advanced diagnostic tools, AWI offers agile and flexible solutions to drive growth.

Our established international connections give us access to various goods and services that are not readily available in the local market. These provide genuine spare parts directly from the manufacturer, meet our clients' mileage/hours usage limitation, and give us the ability to provide certain necessary accessories meeting OSHA safety standards.

Our average fleet performance efficiency rating is consistently over 95% in even the most austere environments and stringent requirements. Our certified mechanics are able to immediately diagnose defaults, troubleshoot issues, and to provide immediate resolutions. We provide high-quality, turnkey resolutions to solve equipment needs including cranes, earth moving equipment, water & fuel trucks, buses, and vans.

AWI offers equipment with qualified/certified operators and the support of local maintenance teams keeping equipment working at optimal levels without lengthy delay for parts or outside repairs. Over the years, we have provided equipment for a variety of projects with private companies, the U.S. Army and the Iraqi government in the fields of construction, renovation and demolition, oil, transportation and life support.

Our customers have come to depend on our construction equipment infrastructure, our pool of internationally certified operators and our certified safety and security procedures we use to deliver what they need.

Our 48 years experience in the local market has provided us:

  • Access to the best assets available at best rates
  • Quick turnaround for spare parts and consumables
  • Relationships for the use local machine, body repair,
    under chassis work, and engine overhaul shops