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AWI delivers onshore engineering, procurement, construction, installation and commissioning projects to the Iraqi Oil and Gas Market on a lump sum basis.With 48 years experience in Iraq AWI can successfully deliver Brownfield and Greenfield EPC is one of the prominent forms of contracting agreement in the construction industry. AWI’s engineering and construction capabilities carries out detailed engineering design of the projects, procures all the equipment and materials necessary, and then complete construction phase to deliver a functioning facility or asset to our clients.

Our wide-range of projects makes AWI one of the most experienced and successful contractors in EPC services. We are principally knowledgeable with projects located in remote and often politically hostile regions of Iraq, where the logistical restraints of moving procured gears, bulk materials, construction equipment and labor to several work-fronts creates a major challenge. We have also learned to manage tough and time-consuming levies controls and inland freight administration in various countries around the world.