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AWI has set out to rebuild Iraq
by delivering quality and innovation

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Vision and Mission


To be a premier EPC company by providing excellent results for customers, building satisfying careers for employees, and driving sustainable societal progress


  • Providing value for clients through engineering and construction excellence with a strong focus on quality & efficiency
  • Continuing effort to promote employee welfare and to lever Iraqi talents
  • Contribute to the development of energy industry in Iraq and support inclusive development

What we believe in

  • Client Value Creation - Enabling client’s growth by focusing on results and delivering value to maintain a long-term synergetic relationship
  • Best People - Attracting and developing the best talent and promoting a working environment that encourages excellence, innovation and collaboration
  • Integrity - Being ethically unyielding, honest, and transparent in all our business functioning to foster trust and build relationships
  • Innovation - Continuing drive to improve efficiency and responsiveness by applying world-class technology & developing smarter work solutions
  • Safety - Embracing a culture of safety to protect our employees, clients and the public by adhering to sound risk reduction and mitigation practices
  • Sustainability - Improving the quality of life in communities where we work by optimizing societal gains and protecting the environment